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My Little Jebena

- Play set for your little one! -

Pretend Play Coffee Set

My Little Jebena

Traditional fun starts here. Gift your little ones My Little Jebena, and inspire a whole new world of culturally significant pretend play.

Pretend Play Coffee Set in the toy box

Our mission is to empower children to be proud and celebrate their culture.


We believe children playing with toys that reflect their culture and tradition are important in building confidence, discovering sense of self, and instilling pride in who they are.

A picture of a jebena pot


Once upon a time in Ethiopia, a goat herder made a life-altering discovery that would forever change the way families and friends create and share experiences...and so the legend of coffee was born.


The coffee bean quickly became a household staple and the welcoming invitation of "Buna Tetu" (meaning “drink coffee”) became a cultural tradition, steeped in love, laughter, and cherished memories.


Having grown up in Ethiopia, I recall the coffee ceremony fondly...the smell of local coffee beans roasting, incense permeating the room, fresh popcorn passed around, and smiles, gratitude, and blessings exchanged for hours on end. Those were the happiest of moments—the moments shared with others—and My Little Jebena is a nod to Ethiopian heritage and to all the parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who long to keep tradition alive.


Designed for imaginative and educational pretend play, My Little Jebena makes coffee ceremonies accessible and fun for the little ones in your life. 100% food-safe, high-quality, non-toxic materials enable safe role play and enable you to embrace playtime to share traditions, teach little ones about cultural history, and create new memories together, for future generations...


“Ekaka Enechawet,” or so we say in Ethiopia—let’s play house and keep the tradition alive!

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